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A Small Business Introduction to Paid vs. Organic Traffic

We all want folks to visit our website! Without “traffic”, our sites lead a lonely life, undiscovered and not helping your small business attract business. You can spend all the time in the world creating the most beautiful website, but if no-one knows about it…well, your efforts have been wasted!

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An Introduction to Online Marketing for Small Business

We have looked at some of the main reasons why even small businesses should be online. But it’s a big, complex world out there and not every small business owner has the inclination or belief to invest time and effort in online efforts. While SiteBagel believes that this can be

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I need a website – but what next?

We’ve heard it so many times – “I need a website”. But that’s normally followed up with “But I have no idea where to start”. You run a small business and you do fine. Your so-called online presence extends to the heady heights of an eMail address and yet your business just keeps on moving along. So why would you bother with all this fancy technology?

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